B. Shimbe Shim

About Shimbe

     Shimbe is an award winning filmmaker and media artist. He majored in Experimental Animation at CalArts, and has expanded his artistic domain to various fields of art through film and animation. His works include, “The Wonder Hospital” – an animated film, “Mosquito” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ music album art works and videos, and “Futurama” – TV animation series. His films have shown at festivals around world getting multiple awards from SXSW, LA Film Fest, SIGGRAPH, and Anima Brussels, etc. He’s currently working as a film director and teaching at California State University Long Beach.
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Films by B. Shimbe Shim

"The Wonder Hospital"
A film by B. Shimbe Shim

"Tiny Winter Circle"
LA County Holiday Celebration/PBS TV
A film by B. Shimbe Shim

A music video for "Yeah Yeah Yeahs"
Directed by B. Shimbe Shim

Collaboration Works

"FUTURAMA" Season 5, 6, 7 | 20th Century Fox

"Napoleon Dynamite" Cartoon | 20th Century Fox

"How Murray Saved Christmas" | ABC TV

"Myrna The Monster" | MTV

"Bartender's Tale" | Jack Daniels

"Descendants" | Disney Animation

Works/Exhibitions by B. Shimbe Shim

Puppet Experiment

Light Experiment in Narrative

Elliphant Music Tour

Le Putti Macabre